Napa Porchfest



  • Bathrooms? – Public Bathrooms are located at Fuller Park and other designated locations on the print and Porchfest Google maps.

  • Bring your own lawn chair or blanket, sunscreen, water bottle, hat for shade – things that you will need for an afternoon in the sun during mid-summer

  • City of Napa ordinances apply regarding dogs, alcohol and unruly behavior

  • “Pack it in – Pack it out!”  –  and  – “Leave only footprints.”

  • Tips for musicians are certainly allowed and encouraged!

  • Bicycling is a great way to get around

  • Questions? – contact Napa County Landmarks at 707-255-1836



  • Besides providing us your porch for the afternoon, please be sure to have an electrical outlet that musicians can plug into

  • We have volunteers throughout the event area

  • Questions? –  contact Napa County Landmarks at 707-255-1836



  • Tip jars are allowed!
  • Please provide your own cords and equipment

  • You may sell or distribute your recordings and merchandise (please provide your own display table)

  • Questions: contact Napa County Landmarks at 707-255-1836 or Thea at 707-738-7028